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International courier saves 69% tax

When Hessel were called in by the UK division of a global courier to help design a more tax efficient and accountable domestic relocation policy, a couple of things became clear pretty quickly.

Firstly, because the company had grown through M&A, there was no coherent relocation policy, and secondly there was little or no control over tax reporting. We worked closely with the client and their outsourced payment provider to design a relocation policy that was both equitable and accountable.

Of course we checked our proposals were aligned to ITEPA 2003 and ensured that there was no leakage of claimable items from qualifying to non-qualifying. Any ambiguous items were either clarified or removed from the policy. To further ensure compliance all relocation expense claims are now routed through Hessel where we check against policy, and if correct, record them for P11D/PSA reporting.

The client is delighted. Not only do they now have centralised, efficient and accountable policy management, but they’ve also saved an average 89% on the gross-up paid per employee. And all for a Hessel cost of less than 7% of the savings created.