case histories

Food group’s 500 annual assignments

In this case we worked from the ground floor to help a newly formed centralised HR and finance division to develop policies and then expense manage over 500 domestic relocations and international assignments per year.

The client was keen to ensure that all administration and compliance was transparent, efficiently managed and that payments and reimbursements took place in a controlled, accurate and timely manner. As if 500 relocations annually weren’t enough, the project was made more complex because we were working across 10 separate divisions of the company.

Throughout we were audited by HMRC and had all the workflow audited for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. We passed both these audits with 100% compliance.

The development and execution required us to consider the following:

    • Development of 25 separate relocation and International assignment policies with bespoke downloadable expense claim forms for each policy
    • P11D/PSA year-end relocation tax reporting
    • Monthly payroll reporting for international assignments
    • Quarterly accrual report for relocation costs
    • Weekly recharging and VAT reclamation reporting
    • Monthly disturbance allowance and transfer grant reporting
    • BIK reporting for P11D for non-relocation benefits
    • Support for those on assignment – managing three-year budgets for education costs and spouse allowances and policing expense claims
    • Handling multiple payment of inter-company expenditure and property management in addition to all IA/Relocation reimbursement and vendor payments
    • Development of a FastTrack® same day payment service for urgent payments
    • Provision of payment services by BACS, CHAPS, cheque and automated cross-border payments
    • Full reconciliation of accounts on a weekly basis. Click here to read more how Hessel helped a major shipping group manage the expenses of rapid response engineers in locations as diverse as USA, UAE, India, Malaysia, UK and Australia.