Payroll delivery

button-med-payPayroll delivery

Integrating international payroll delivery into your Global Mobility Expense Management program makes perfect sense. These are exactly the same people that you need to reimburse for non-business expenditure, pay their moving and on-assignment costs and track and report all the data for tax and social security purposes.

Our funding and processing solutions will mean that your people get paid accurately and on time, tax and social security gets paid accurately and on time, and finally, you will be able to reconcile your total mobility expenditure in a single report.

The benefits include:

  • Up front, transparent pricing
  • Integrated payment process
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Ease of reconciliation
  • Global coverage – including 200 countries and territories
  • Single point of contact for all Global Mobility payments
  • Payments are delivered on time
  • Integrated reporting with other global mobility expenditure
  • All payments globally can be issued from single or multiple points of funding
  • More control over credit dates