• Can you make payments anytime, anyplace, anywhere?

    Almost always yes; some destinations are easier than others but we do have considerable experience in making rapid cross-border and in-country payments all over the world and will be able to give a heads up about any issues that may arise.

  • What about accountability?

    Before we start any tracking or payments we take the time for an extensive mapping of your systems and processes to make sure that we build an efficient bespoke solution that seamlessly integrates with your processes. And because it works the way you work, it offers full reporting and accountability.

  • How about dealing with policy issues?

    We work hard to assimilate your policies and apply them in a sensible way to keep you and your assignees happy. If there is something we are unsure about we will refer back to you for guidance – but on a day-to-day basis we will be able to make your people feel that their concerns are taken seriously and dealt with effectively. We can even arrange an on-line expense claim process that is policy driven; we can make sure assignees ask about non-policy items BEFORE they raise a claim. This simple technique is guaranteed to reduce the tensions that can arise when an employee sees themselves as being out of pocket for a “legitimate” claim that has been rejected.

  • With employees constantly on the move, sometimes expense claims are submitted in lots of currencies. Do you have processes that can handle this?

    Absolutely; our expenses software by Access expense was designed with multiple currencies and multiple bank accounts in mind. Making accurate payments on time is at the core of our expense payment program. So at the outset we agree clear payment standards that work within client policy guidelines. We then establish an individual cost centre for each relocating employee, which we can align with corporate cost centres. This not only gives us the flexibility to manage changes to employee cost centres during an assignment, but most importantly when producing current and historic recharge reporting, shows the specific cost centre costs reported against.

  • Year-end tax reporting can be a nightmare with reports coming in confused and late – how can you help?

    This is probably the single biggest benefit we offer. Because we constantly track and process assignment costs, we are always up to date. You simply let us know when and how you want the information and we send it to you – it’s as simple as that. Which can mean the end of last minute tax form rushes and nasty surprises.

  • Can you help us with ad hoc HMRC enquiries?

    Yes – We can very quickly produce reports detailing employee expenditure for any relevant period. We also hold the hard copy expense claims and invoices should these be required for up to 7 years. Providing a clear audit process is one of the great advantages of our robust expense management program.