The problem and getting the money right

getting-logo-medGetting relocation expenditure right – what’s the problem?

Check out our two short films, which take you through the problem and our solution

Any Global Mobility programme creates a complex, individual and variable trail of relocation expenses, international payments, and tax and international social security liabilities; a trail that needs to be checked, reconciled, reported and paid. So a relatively small assignee population can create a large headache.

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Every time you make a payment, you are generating a tax and social security liability for someone, somewhere. Your systems often just aren’t set up to handle this. Other difficulties include urgent foreign currency payments to secure the lease on a property, for example.

Companies big and small struggle with managing this money trail creating potential exposure to risk and breaches of compliance.






Hessel – Getting the money right

The established, flexible and sophisticated expense management solution we offer makes your Global Mobility expense programme more effective. It stops you becoming bogged down in these few but complex international transactions.

Making your global expense data work for you – not against you

Our Global Mobility Expense Management service repurposes your existing processes and data to ensure you get the money right; and as with so many things – when you get the money right everything else falls into place.


The benefits to you include:

  • Reduced exposure to risk
  • Suppliers paid accurately and on time
  • Full reconciliation of payments, recharging and tax data
  • Low noise levels from employees and vendors
  • Accurate information at your fingertips
  • Accurate and timely recharging
  • Process where none existed
  • Accurate and timely payroll, personal tax and social security data
  • Non-business expense reimbursements made easy
  • Tax and social security data