Partnering with Hessel

partner-grey-bg-lrgWorking with relocation professionals

We not only act directly for corporate clients but also indirectly as a service provider to third parties including relocation companies and tax providers right up to the “Big Four”. Because our process is flexible and data neutral we can seamlessly plug into your systems, immeasurably helping you better service your clients, which has got to be good for your business.

Relocation service providers and Hessel

Adding Hessel global expense management to your offering will help you win and retain new clients and grow your current business. Plus, as we do all the heavy lifting, it won’t directly increase your headcount.

Winning international relocation business

We will obviously add value to your new business proposition simply by extending the range of services you offer. Crucially though, as more and more business is subject to tender, offering expense management will tick an essential RFP box.

Retaining and growing your business

Firstly, Hessel Global Expense Management is going to make your clients’ life easier and reduce exposure to risk – which can only make you a business partner worth keeping.

Also, providing relocation services is often a seesaw case of “we do a lot at the beginning and end, but not much in the middle”. But the managing of global mobility expense data is on-going, allowing you valuable, regular, intimate client contact throughout assignments.

This combination of data management and regular contact is the glue vital to closer long-term relationships – without involving you in significant extra work.

Growing your business

Obviously you’ll grow your business because you’ll have another chargeable service. A less obvious benefit, is because your client’s global mobility money flow will be better managed, you’ll get paid the right amount, on time.

For your clients

Relocation and assignments are a relatively small part of any global business population, but they create extremely complex and disconnected data streams. This data disconnect leads to significant and visible exposure too late, misallocated payments, process risk and international breaches of compliance.

This happens because…

…Though companies are global, their data is often collected and purposed locally, which makes it difficult to consolidate at a corporate level. The problem is compounded because assignment data is often collected and used separately by the individual business units; HR, finance, pensions etc.  This increases the opportunity for amalgamation error and decreases the accuracy of the data.  Even if the data is uniform, global legislation certainly isn’t. This creates a nightmare for balancing tax, social security and cross border payments.

The solution

Quite simply, Hessel make these problems go away by bringing all this international data under control. We take away international payment compliance risk by partnering with Convera.  They can help manage cross-border payments to streamline your Global Mobility Program, to help your business gain control, stay compliant and reduce costs. Our dedicated team of experts combined with our commitment to global compliance provide you and your members with peace of mind that payments will reach the correct recipient on time and in full. 

For international tax providers

International tax returns and international payroll calculations are one of the mainsprings of your organisation.  Being able to offer an efficient service is good for your profitability and good for your client.

The key to good tax returns is good data. This can be a real problem if your client is struggling to keep account of non-cash compensation for their assignees.  The key to good payroll is accurate and timely comp data in an unambiguous format that needs the minimum of reprocessing.

It is often not your clients’ fault.  Finance systems are designed to pay bills and allocate costs to a general ledger number or cost centres.  They are not designed to record international expenditure as a benefit for the employee.  The fact of the matter is this: every time the company pays something in connection with Global Mobility, they are creating an international tax and social security liability for someone somewhere.

We can enhance your payroll and tax service with excellent payroll delivery, payment delivery and employee reimbursement.  We can capture the details of the employee, the payment type and the circumstances that it was connected with to give you a real chance of getting the tax coding right first time without further enquiry.

If you would like any further information, please feel free to contact us.