Funding relocation expense management

fund-grey-bg-lrgFunding relocation expense management

For maximum flexibility and effectiveness we offer a choice of two funding structures; prefunding and balanced funding.


Prefunding – why it works…

… because it offers a simple, low-cost structure allowing a continuous supply of funding for timely payments.

Prefunding – how it works

The client authorises and deposits funds into an account held in trust from which client approved payments will be made. Though it can be more frequent in peak demand, the funding cycle is usually monthly. The funding itself is through purchase order, against which costs are reported weekly or monthly.





Balanced funding – why it works

Balanced funding exponentially simplifies funding, making a complex process simple, transparent and effective.

Payments are made on a client’s behalf, and at the end of each month we send a consolidated funding invoice, broken down to allow simple and accurate cross charging of costs.

Balanced funding – how it works

We set up a bank account with a zero-balance and operate it in deficit. When the account reaches either an agreed time limit or a trigger value, we prepare a recharge report detailing all the expenditure and send you a funding request to replenish the account.

Peaks and troughs