toolbox-grey-bg-lrgThe relocation expense management toolkit

Listed below is the range of tools we use to ensure our relocation expense management works effectively and in harmony with your processes.


Hessel is data central for us. It allows us to capture all of the data about the employee and the event cost codes that are so integral to great reporting. It allows us to tag this data with financial information so that we can control the flow of funding, reconciliation and recharging.

Hessel interfaces with our accounting processes, bespoke data interfaces and other peripherals. Everything ends up in here which is why we miss nothing when it comes to data management. Hessel is a robust data management system based on SQL server, replicated and backed up in real time, penetration tested and hardened against attack. Hessel represents over 25 years of experience and intellectual property in dealing with Global Mobility Expense Management.

Globalpay by Convera

Our custom interface to the superhighway of international payments through Convera.

Access expense

Our online/on phone/on tablet prepayment validation and expense reimbursement tool. Your employees can upload their expenses and validate their card expenditure anytime and anyplace. By the way, you can handle approvals in exactly the same way!


You are probably already using it in some form or another. SharePoint is Microsoft’s ubiquitous document management and collaboration platform. A secure way to manage and store documents and run workflow, SharePoint provides a perfect platform for client, tax provider and service provider collaboration. We use it to provide authorisation workflow for payments, secure, but accessible document storage and report delivery.

Document management

Helps us to turn paper into data, it chomps through paper and PDF invoices and extracts all of the information that we need to process so that we can get those payments made, reconciled and reported as quickly as possible. It never takes a holiday and doesn’t care if it’s day or night.

Bespoke data interfaces

Moving data between systems can be tweaky and time consuming – we know, we do it all the time. We also know that if people get involved, mistakes are going to happen. That’s why we like to get our tech people to build custom interface and reporting so that we can send and receive data in secure and repeatable processes and free up people to do what they do best.