Employee and company experience

button-med-experImproved assignee experience

It’s all very well getting the money and data right, but we mustn’t forget success also depends on the process working at a human level for the people involved.

Managing assignee expectation

When an employee accepts an assignment they have a set of expectations.  Some of these will be explicitly defined in the assignment policy agreement, but most, the important ones, will be implicit in the way an employee expects to be treated by their employer.

For example it is reasonable to expect the company to pay for the things they said that they would pay for, on time and without fuss. So it’s fair to expect salaries to be paid whole and on time, and that out-of-pocket expenditure will be easy to claim and quickly processed for accurate assignee reimbursement.

Employees want to be valued and trusted. It’s at best un-nerving for them to find that the company’s financial processes appear to be made up on the fly.

Integrated relocation expense management from Hessel can ensure that vendors, landlords and revenue authorities get paid accurately and on time. Payroll gets delivered, non-business expenses get reimbursed and prepaid corporate funds are available to take care of urgent ad-hoc requirements and deliver allowances.

It can also ensure that there is timely and accurate global mobility data available for payroll and tax reporting. This minimises inquisitions with the tax accountants, and dealing with trailing tax liabilities in future years.

Getting the company experience right

“Give me a place to stand, and a lever, and I will move the whole world” Archimedes

Global Mobility management is just one thing after another.  A queue of issues waiting to be resolved and a patchwork quilt of processes that can come apart like rotten fabric at the first signs of stress. You are part of a small team handling issues that have far reaching consequences if they go wrong, and will create great results for your company when they are successful.

How frustrating is it when you have to fight against your own enterprise processes to get anything done? If you are this far into the website then you already agree that getting the money right is a big-ticket issue for a compliant and effective global mobility program.

May we also suggest that an integrated approach is equally important?  Payments, international payroll, cost centre recharging, tax & social security compliance; it’s the same money and the same data.  It should be sitting in the same place and being used with proper, robust tools utilised by a team of people that know exactly what they are doing.  We can do this for you and make you a better and more effective manager.