HesselNet FAQs

9: HesselNet FAQs

  • I tried to claim for an expense, but the expense type wasn’t in the list. What should I do?

    This would normally mean that either the item is listed in a different category or the item is not allowed within your policy. The best thing to do is to check with your claims co-ordinator before submitting the item rather than risk having it referred.

  • How do I know my claim has been received by the claims coordinator?

    As soon as you submit your claim, you will see a pop-up message telling you that your claim has been received. As an option you can email a copy of the claim to yourself as a record of the transaction.

  • How long will it take for me to receive a payment?

    That is going to depend on the agreement that we have with your company about payment periods. Your claims co-ordinator will be able to advise you. Payment transactions can also vary according to the country where the payment is being made.

  • What will you accept as a receipt?

    Your own company policy should be clear on this. If you are not sure, it is always best to send a quick email to your claims co-ordinator (attach a copy of the receipt) and check that it is acceptable before you submit the claim.

  • What do I do if I haven’t received my payment?

    Once payment has been sent to you through the banking system, we will send you a remittance advice. This will give you an estimate of how long the transaction through the banking system should take. If your payment doesn’t arrive on schedule, please email your claims coordinator so they can check it out.

  • How do I change my bank details?

    If you notice on the expense form that your bank details need to be changed, simply download a bank details registration form from your home page and send it to us. We will add your bank details to Hessel.net so that you can now chose the relevant payment and currency details.

  • How do I know what my claims coordinator has authorised for payment?

    If you are unfortunate enough to have an item referred, your claims coordinator will notify you immediately. Rest assured that the remainder of your claims will be processed as normal allowing you to resubmit the referred item once the issue has been resolved.

  • How frequently can I submit a claim?

    Unless your company policy has restrictions we are happy for you to claim as often as you need to. In addition most companies will have time limits to ensure that claims are processed within satisfactory periods. If you need more information your claims coordinator is there to help.

  • If my move is shown as wrong on the homepage who do I notify?

    Please contact your claims coordinator immediately so that the correct details can be recorded.

  • Bank charges have been deducted from my account. Is this correct?

    It is quite normal for your bank to charge you a small fee for processing payments on your behalf.

  • Who pays for these bank charges?

    Unless your company has agreed something different, this would normally be between you and your own bank.

  • How long will I wait from submitting a claim to receiving payment?

    We will have agreed a payment time-line with your company. This time-line will tell you everything you need to know about the payment schedule that we have agreed with your company. This document is included within your welcome pack and, if you have not received a copy, please liaise with your claims coordinator.

  • If an item within an expense submission is referred or declined will this hold up the rest of the claim?

    The Hessel system is designed to allow claims to be processed on an item by item basis. This means that if there is a particular item that can’t be paid, it can be dropped from the claim and resubmitted when the issue has been corrected. In the meantime the claim for the other items can proceed as usual.

  • Why can you not pay me in my local currency?

    Some currencies are untradeable. This means that we are unable to buy any of the currency to pay you with. Under these circumstances we would need to make the payment in a different currency.

  • If I am not satisfied with the way my claim has been handled, who would I need to talk to?

    In the first instance please refer the matter to your claims coordinator. If you are not satisfied by their response, please liaise with the operations manager. These details can be obtained through your claims coordinator.

  • I want to submit my claim but have no access to a scanner in order to provide receipts. What do I do?

    Firstly, make sure you make a note of your claim number. HesselNet is designed to allow you to log in at any time, so that you can add the receipt to your claim at a later date. Handy tip – if you have a camera on your mobile phone you maybe able to use this to capture an image of the relevant receipt(s).

  • Can I make a claim in multiple currencies?

    Yes.If you haven’t been able to find the help you need here, you can e-mail us at help@hessel.co.uk

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